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About WarpHub

WarpHub Ground station is placed around the world. By those facilities, we are able to communicate among the ground and the satellites. In order to communicate with satellites which orbits around the Earth, people had to build their own ground station in different countries or sign a long-term lease contract with the ground station provider. WarpHub built an unique small size ground station infrastructure all over the world, and provides telemetry data which is required for satellite operation, most reasonably and stably in the world.


Follows the schedule of satellite tracking, and automatically downloads the data Use the WarpHub web console to choose which satellite to communicate and which ground station to receive, then create the schedule to track the satellite. When the pass begins at that ground station, the ground station will automatically receive the data from the satellite, and stream the data to various systems. The received data can be also batch downloaded.

Sophisticated graphical console WarpHub provides a simple and convenient graphical console for reserving the ground station which receiving the data from the satellite. The reservation can be changed or cancelled by 15 minutes before the receiving begin.

Flow to use 1. Sign up and get trial account. 2. Log in to the trial and test functions to operate the satellite. 3. Apply for using. 4. Get started!


Most reasonable pricing in the world The pricing of WarpHub is monthly subscription based on times of communication. The price is fixed and will not affected by the length of time in each pass. Simply by choosing your price plan based on your frequency of usage, you will be able to use all WarpHub's ground station.

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Satellites are used for various purposes

It supports many economic activities such as communications, weather observation, and economic forecasting. Calculate oil reserves from satellite images and forecast oil demand on a global scale to achieve a more accurate forecast of the financial institution market. From the change in the number of cars that have stopped, sales forecasts have been realized.
Companies around the world have started to participate in the space industry. Satellites are undoubtedly a magnificent infrastructure that will create a society that is still unimaginable, just as the Internet was about to expand. Conventionally, a few large geostationary satellites have been used mainly. In recent years, mass operation (constellation) of small low-orbit satellites has become mainstream, and the number of satellites has increased dramatically.
2017: about 300 aircraft
2022: Approximately 670 aircraft (forecast)
2030: Over 40,000 to 12,000 aircraft (forecast)

The needs of the ground station
There are two ways for businesses that needs to use satellite services to receive data from satellites. The first is to make and operate a ground station antenna yourself. Second, rent someone's ground station antenna. These were all very expensive and not easy to use. This is a major challenge for the current space industry. We provide ground station antennas at low cost, and install them around the world in a network to solve the problem fundamentally and meet the needs of satellite operators.


Our partners We WarpHub is supported by partners around the world. To deploy WarpHub's own ground station antenna around the world, It is essential to have partners who can help with our business. They provide land, power, and network lines for ground station antennas used in the WarpHub.

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About us

Message Space is always dark and unknown place for mankind yet mysterious. The era when space field where only limited national projects or big companies were able to touch had finished. The human thirst for reaching out of space now brings a chance for everyone on the planet to explore it. Private space business and Economic Activities related to Space tour, space transport, space mining is now a commonplace business.The area of human activity in space will expand dramatically. We are leveraging high level space expertise and software development capabilities, and establish communication infrastructure on both the ground and space to use / move space more comfortably and seamlessly.

Our service 1. Communication Infrastructure Business for Low Orbit Satellites 2. Groundstation and Module Development for Small Satellites 3. Business Related Transferring Satellite Technology

Company CEO Satoru Tsunemachi 2-5-1-203 Azuma, Tsukuba Science City, Ibaraki, 305-0031, Japan